Shrink Your Supply Chain

From sub-assemblies to out-of-the-box working products, we offer complete assembly
and packaging services for your finished goods.

We can provide…

✓ Component assembly

✓ Sequencing and kitting

✓ Labeling and decals

✓ Protective packaging

✓ Carton identification

✓ Just-in-time delivery

End-to-End Solutions

FabMetals is committed to the fastest turnaround times and highest levels of quality, which is why we offer assembly, packaging, and shipping as value-added services. If you’re tight on time, people or space, we can help you avoid gaps in your supply chain.


As a natural extension of our manufacturing processes, we can assemble the components we build for you.


We have the facilities and the expertise to help you eliminate steps, reduce waste, and minimize costs.


Delivery by our vehicles and employees allows us to ship parts when you need them, without third party delays.

Problems Solved

Our customers come from all over. Depending upon your company’s specific needs, we can provide a variety of useful services for your operation: assembly, inventory control, collating parts, order fulfillment, packaging services and more.

FabMetals is responsive, easy to work with, and we take great pride in what we do. By having us handle all of your contract manufacturing and assembly needs, you can greatly reduce your lead times, spend less on inventory management, lower your overall shipping costs and focus your resources on growing your business.

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