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Our solid-state laser cutting service utilizes an automated material handling system
with 24/7 production capabilities.

Secondary Services

✓ Etching

✓ Edge Rounding

✓ Graining/Polishing

✓ Tumbling

✓ Drilling/Tapping

✓ Forming/Rolling

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

We use 6,000w and 8,000w fiber laser cutting machines to combine high performance with cut quality that produces a perfect, burr-free result. We can cut parts in a variety of metals up to 1 inch thick.

Fiber lasers offer several advantages over CO2 lasers – faster cutting speeds, greater reliability, lower operating costs and less maintenance. The result is increased savings for our customers.

Our advanced process is ideal for high volume production and offers the ability to upload prints and DXF files directly into our laser cutting system.

With automated load and unload capabilities, our machine utilization rate is increased by 100%. While most of our competitors are limited to just one shift for production, we can run your parts around the clock.


Max sheet thickness: 0.024″ – 1″

Max sheet size: 6-” x 120″


Mild Steels

Stainless Steels




What is Laser Cutting?

Laser Cutting Basics

Laser cutting is a sheet metal fabrication process that uses a focused, high-powered beam of light to cut metal into shapes and designs. Laser machines are very precise and can cut complex parts without custom tooling.

How Does Fiber Laser Cutting Work?

Fiber laser light is created by a bank of diodes, then channeled and amplified through a fiber optic cable. Light creation is 200% more efficient than a CO2 laser, without the use of expensive optical mirrors. Laser cutters use Computer Numeric Control (CNC) and are fully automated, reducing setup time and material waste.

Benefits of Laser Cutting

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