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Quality Control Standards

FabMetals is fully committed to delivering quality products and services to our customers. Application of continuous improvement methods, including a TQM (Total Quality Management) approach, is the first order of importance throughout our organization.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification
  • Comprehensive written procedures and policies
  • Continuous improvement system
  • Non-conformance analysis and corrective action
  • Well maintained and protocolled manufacturing equipment
  • Fully-equipped inspection department
  • FAI (First Article Inspection)
  • Gauging and measuring equipment calibrated to NIST standards

Quality Control Personnel

Our Quality Control Manager is responsible for implementing quality control procedures and relies on the cooperation of the CEO, Shop Superintendent, and engineering departments to address any concerns. If any systematic error is discovered, the Quality Control Manager confers with management to decide on actions that will be taken to resolve the issue.

At FabMetals, quality control is a team effort. Purchasing is charged with ordering materials that satisfy our requirements and any applicable codes and standards. The Shop Superintendent distributes information to shop personnel, scheduling necessary time and equipment so that finished products are manufactured and shipped in accordance with project specifications and our quality standards.

Calibrated Inspection Equipment

Caliper, pin gauge, thread gauge, and project-specific inspection equipment are used throughout our processes, as well as:

  • Mitutoyo and Trimos height gauges
  • Virtek laser rapid inspection systems
  • OHAUS multifunction bench scales
  • Starrett precision measuring surface plates

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