Spray Gun Shootout


When choosing a lawn spray gun, two names stand head and shoulders above the rest: Lesco Chemlawn and TeeJet 25660.

Which one is best? Let’s take a closer look.

Lesco Chemlawn Spray Gun

Developed many years ago for the Chemlawn franchise, it remains popular today with a reputation as the gold standard of lawn spray guns due to a simple, rugged design. Constructed of corrosion-resistant nylon, self-lubricating delrin internals, and only four moving parts, the Lesco Chemlawn is built to last. 

TeeJet 25660 Lawn Spray Gun

TeeJet offers another very popular choice and has many of the same features. The TeeJet 25660 adds Viton® O-rings and stainless steel springs to its ergonomic spray gun, which also sports a large trigger guard.

At least on paper, there’s not much difference between them:

lesco chemlawn spray gun
teejet 25660 spray gun
TEEJET 25660
Pressure Rating
200 PSI
200 PSI
3/4" FPT with 1/2" barb
3/4" FPT
Trigger Guard
1.5 GPM - Blue
2.0 GPM - Yellow
3.0 GPM - Green
4.0 GPM - White
1.5 GPM - Gray
3.0 GPM - Black
4.0 GPM - Red

The base spray guns (no nozzle or accessories) are similar in price, but the TeeJet 25660 can be found slightly cheaper.

The Shootout


Both models are solidly built from high impact nylon. The edge here goes to Lesco, which is a beefier spray gun weighing in at nearly 2 lbs. compared to the 1 lb. TeeJet. You can not only see the difference, but you can feel it as well. The Lesco Chemlawn is much heavier.

The hose connection is a weak point in both spray guns. The fitting will become loose over time from the back-and-forth motion of spraying. Replace the plastic with a brass swivel fitting, and it will last for many years. 


Whatever spray gun and nozzle combo you go with, it’s important to clean and maintain them at least once per year. Harsh chemicals dry out the plastic, leaving it brittle and prone to cracking. Soak the nozzles in mineral oil during the off-season to prolong life.

Both offer readily available rebuild kits for about $15. The procedure for installing new internals is a little different, but neither spray gun is difficult to maintain or rebuild.


Smaller nozzles (1.5 GPM, 2.0 GPM) are most commonly used for herbicide applications. The larger nozzles (3.0 GPM, 4.0 GPM) are better for liquid fertilizer and fungicide. TeeJet does not offer a 2.0 GPM nozzle.

While they share a similar form factor, the Lesco Chemlawn spray gun is heavier and slightly larger than the TeeJet 25660.

The Best Spray Gun?

Being virtually the same on paper, it really comes down to look and feel. The TeeJet gun has a slimmer profile, which may be better suited for smaller hands compared to the thicker, heavier Lesco. Opinions around our shop varied. Some liked the Lesco because they said it would be easier to hold over the course of an entire day spent spraying lawns. Others preferred the TeeJet for the same reason. 

Our duel ends in a draw.

With such outstanding products to choose from, you can’t go wrong with either choice. For you, it may come down to which is available from your local dealer or how fast you can get replacement parts shipped.