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We are a trusted U.S. manufacturer with in-house capacity and options for your metal

parts and assemblies.

Our Mission

We recognize that growth and success in the 21st century are predicated on 100% customer satisfaction and a commitment to the highest standards. We have fostered an environment that emphasizes personal responsibility, continuous improvement, teamwork, innovation, and safety.

Our Capabilities

FabMetals was founded in 1987 as a small custom fabricator, building spray trucks for the nation’s largest lawn care franchise.


Today, the company serves many industries and has expanded its operation to over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

We provide:

  • Prototypes
  • Custom one-offs
  • Low volume production
  • High volume production
  • Regular deliveries

6,000w and 8,000w fiber lasers w/ automated material handling and storage towers. Optimized material flow and 24/7 uptime capabilities.
● Max sheet thickness: 1″
● Max sheet size: 60″ x 120″


Precision horizontal and vertical sawing in bar, sheet, plate, angle, and tube forms in a wide variety of metals.
● 20″ x 25″ cut capacity (square)
● 20″ cut capacity (round)
● 0-60° angle cutting
● 25′ and 15′ conveyor tables


Ideal for customers needing custom-sized pieces of sheet metal or a rapid way to size material before it moves onto other process.
● 1/4″ x 12′ cut capacity



CNC Press Brake
With multiple machines and a vast selection of bend tooling, we are uniquely qualified to form your parts.
● Max bend length: 161″
● Max force: 400 tons


CNC Tube Bending
We use 3-axis CNC benders to produce multi-radius, precise shapes without crimping or weakening the metal.
● Max size (angle, bar profile): 4″ x 4″ x 3/8″
● Max size (tube): 3″ OD x 3/16″ x 12′
● Max bend angle: 195°


CNC Turret Punch
Create holes, shear angles, notch, and form louvers in sheet metal parts.
● Max thickness: 1/4″
● Max hole diameter: 3.5″
● Max force: 30 tons



CNC Milling
From prototyping to full production runs, our milling centers allow you to produce highly accurate and quality parts.
● 40 taper
● Max XYZ travel: 64″ x 32″ x 30″


CNC Turning
Our CNC lathe machines w/ automatic bar feed are able to provide low cost parts for cylindrical geometries.
● 3″ bar capacity
● Off-center milling, drilling, tapping



Full Service Shop
We offer a wide range of welding capabilities, all conducted in-house from start to finish using our skilled full-time welders.
● MIG welding
● TIG welding
● Spot welding



Metal Finishing
Whether moving on to the next stage in manufacturing or shipped directly to your door, we have the equipment to make your parts look great.
● Burr removal
● Edge rounding
● Surface polishing


Powder Coating
Give your completed parts a uniform, durable, high-quality, and attractive finish.
● 8-gun automated line
● 5-stage prewash and dryer line



Hardware Insertion
Our engineering team can assist you with DFM (design for manufacturability) improvements, which may include mechanical fasteners and fastening methods.
● PEMSERTER® Series 4 insertion machines
● Nuts, studs, and standoffs


From bolted sub-assemblies to out-of-the-box working products, we offer complete assembly and packaging services for your finished goods.



Material Handling
Our massive facility is outfitted to handle heavy duty jobs.
● [2] 15 ton overhead cranes
● [2] 10 ton overhead cranes
● [6] Forklifts (8,000 lb. capacity)
● Fleet of shipping vehicles and trailers




332322                                  Sheet Metal (Primary)

238390                                  Building Finishing

332420                                  Metal Tank

332439                                  Metal Container

336211                                  Vehicle Body Mfg.

336212                                  Truck Trailer

336992                                  Vehicle Parts Mfg.

FSC Codes

2510                                  Vehicular Structure

2590                                  Vehicular Components

3590                                  Misc. Service/Trade

5411                                  Wall Shelters

5450                                  Prefab Structures

8130                                  Reels & Spools


We recognize our responsibility to manufacture products with minimal environmental impact. We are committed to uphold this responsibility to our community as well as the regional and global environment. Accordingly, we strictly adhere to all standards required by regulatory agencies involving air quality, water usage and waste management.

  • We use solid-state lasers that dramatically reduce our energy consumption
  • Installed motion sensor LED lighting throughout our facility
  • Promote the use of powder coating as an environmentally-friendly finish alternative
  • Recycling all scrap material including steel, stainless steel and aluminum

Industries We Serve

Our customers operate in a wide range of industries, all with unique needs and requirements. And within each of these industries, from automotive and energy to government and retail — we offer services to help keep your business running. 




Consumer Products


Food Service




Many More...

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