Repeatable Accuracy

Our wide selection of tooling can accommodate everything from simple to complex
bends for your fabrication project.

Benefits of CNC Forming

✓ High degree of accuracy

✓ Fewer parts

✓ Less expensive than welding

✓ Create complex shapes

✓ Faster throughput

✓ Reduced labor costs

CNC Press Brake Forming

FabMetals utilizes several modern press brakes to service your demand for cost efficient, but accurately formed parts.

We can create nearly any bend, including short flanges or acute bends over 90 degrees.

Our bending operations are pre-programmed through our engineering department, which cuts overall setup time by 70% and allows us to test and perfect bends in a CAD environment prior to a job reaching the shop floor.

The setup for making your parts is documented and optimized. Repeat orders of complex components are efficiently processed for repeatable accuracy and cost savings.


Flat Sheet:

Max bend length: 161″

Max force: 400 tons

Tolerance: ± 0.005″

Tube & Profile:

Max size (angle, bar profile): 4″ x 4″ x 3/8″

Max size (tube): 3″ OD x 3/16″ x 12′

Max bend angle: 195°

Our Brake Forming Process

Precision Accuracy

Parts are processed quickly and efficiently through our press brakes with a high degree of repeatability

Short Cycle Times

Fast approach is achieved through quick bending and return speeds of the bi-directional hydraulic pumps

Minimal Downtime

With offline programming, S-Grip punch holders, quick-change dies and a 5-axis back gauge for simplified set-ups

CNC Tube Bending

We use 3-axis CNC benders to produce multi-radius, precise shapes without crimping or weakening the metal.

  • Round tube and bar rolling
  • Angle, square and channel profiles
  • Specialty shapes

CNC Turret Punch

Our punching process is a cost-effective way to avoid the expense of multiple, job-specific tooling.

  • Attractive look and feel
  • Uniform hole sizes
  • Reduced complexity, time and expense

What is Brake Bending?

Press Brake Bending Basics

CNC (Computer Numeric Control) bending is an economical method of producing 3D parts from 2D metal sheets. CNC press brakes are very accurate and able to provide close tolerances.

How Does Fiber Laser Cutting Work?

Bent sheet metal parts are commonly made using a pneumatic or hydraulic machine, where a metal sheet is pressed between a punch and die to bend it to the desired angle or shape. Press brakes may bend metal several times depending on the final desired form.

Benefits of Laser Cutting

Bending allows using a single piece of metal to arrive at the same outcome as welding together several separate parts. In addition to cost savings, formed parts are generally more accurate, have cleaner aesthetics, and readily accept coatings and finishes.

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