How to Winterize Your Lawn Care Truck

Winters can be hard on your lawn care equipment, spray trucks included. It’s worth taking the time to perform some routine maintenance to keep your rig in top shape during the off season.

Southern regions spray almost year-round due to mild temperatures during the fall and winter. But for those of you in the north, freezing temperatures, snow, and ice mean your spray truck will probably be sidelined for a few months. Here is a 6-step procedure to winterize your spray truck to make sure it’s ready to work when the weather breaks in the spring:

1. Keep your spray truck indoors

If possible, shelter your truck from the elements by keeping it garaged or under cover. Select a dry, dark location for storage, preferably with limited access. Concrete flooring is best at keeping away moisture. If you must store your truck outdoors or on a dirt floor, place a plastic barrier under the vehicle, and place carpet pieces or plywood under the tires.

2. Wash and wax

Now is a good time to give the vehicle a good cleaning. Excess dirt can harden over the winter and lead to unwanted scratches.

3. Fill the fuel tank

Preferably, use premium fuel and add fuel stabilizer. Be sure to run the vehicle to move fuel into the engine. The fuller the tank, the less room there will be for air, which carries moisture that can cause fuel contamination and possibly rust within the tank.

4. Change the oil and filter

Clean oil will reduce the risk of harmful contaminants working away at your engine during hibernation — and you’ll be ready to go in spring.

5. Air and antifreeze

Make sure the tires are inflated to full pressure and check the antifreeze level.

6. Check the spray equipment

  • Drain and clean tanks
  • Open all valves on tanks, reels, and lines
  • Remove spray guns and clean nozzles
  • Remove strainer caps and screens

Finally, unroll hoses and make sure they are drained of liquid after you have flushed the tanks.

When you purchase a spray truck from FabMetals, we show you to to winterize and protect your unit.