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Metal Fabrication Services

FabMetals is a full-service, design to delivery manufacturer of nearly all things metal. From simple parts to complex fabrications and finished goods, we are your broad-spectrum provider for rapid prototyping, low, and high volume production.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Nothing is more important to us than quality.

Our business operates on the highest possible standards – including our management, employees, training, processes, production, and service.


We Help You Create...

  • Brackets and mounts
  • Stands and displays
  • Panels, covers, and enclosures
  • Frames, carts, bases, and cradles
  • Complex weldments
  • Hubs, nozzles, and adapters
  • Complete assemblies

Problems with Your Supplier?

How many procurement headaches do you face in your day to day job? Would you be able to list them? Which would be the biggest pain points to resolve?


At FabMetals, we don’t just build parts – we build relationships. Partner with us and overcome the obstacles you’re having with your current supplier:

  • Quality issues
  • Hidden costs
  • Delays
  • Limited capabilities
  • Poor customer service

Simplify Your Purchasing Process

Don’t juggle several subcontractors with limited capabilities to fill your order – costs and delays can quickly snowball. We provide metal fabrication, finishing, and assembly under one roof.

Reduce Costs

Every step of our process is optimized for your specific product – saving you time, money, and logistics headaches.

Shrink Your Supply Chain

Our range of capabilities means fewer links in the manufacturing chain between your wallet and the end product.

Shorter Lead Times

Meet your just-in-time delivery requirements by managing less inventory, less risk, and less frustration.

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